One Tool to Manage them All

View Sponsors

With a simple list view, you can see all sponsors who are active and inactive.

You can also see how much content can each of them sponsor as they have purchased more packages.

Content Sponsors

When a Sponsor has available quantity, you can add sponsor to available content.

Sponsorships List

Each Sponsorship can be viewed in a simple list as if you were listing posts.

There are also labels for a better visual experience when searching for sponsorships.

Sponsorship Details

You or the sponsor can view the sponsorship details on a single page. With notices on their status, sponsors can easily see what is next to do for them.


Packages are the items that you’re giving the sponsors to sponsor. 

Package are like products on a eCommerce site.

Edit Packages

You can define how a package is called, its status if it is available or unavailable to purchase, description of the package (what the sponsor will get), pricing and more.


You can define how your sponsorship management will work in the settings area.


You can decide to accept payments on your site or let the sponsors know where to pay their invoice.

If payments are accepted on your site, the sponsorships will be automatically activated (set to paid) when the payment is received.

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